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Pump Your Performance

2.25 hour online presentation.

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Have you ever wondered why some students learn so much, and others so little? And why do some people do so well in their careers despite struggling in school? The answer lies in their ability to learn. Everyone learns. But not everyone learns well. Yet 100% of our success in life is due to learning. Our ability to learn, and to re-learn, is what distinguishes us from all other known species.

Learning requires information. According to Google, every 2 days we create as much information as we did from the dawn of civilisation up until the end of 2003. That’s about 5 exabytes every 2 days! Extraordinary technological change is transforming what we learn, how we learn, how we communicate and even how we think. Depending on a teacher, a book, a website or some other form of instruction-based process is rapidly becoming obsolete. Today, and for the future, our ability to become independent learners – capable of our own motivation to complete the learning assignment, is what will determine the more successful learners from the strugglers. The Question is HOW to become a more successful, independent learner?

Pump Your Performance is a video-based presentation from one of the world’s leading experts in the science of brain-compatible learning, Mr John Joseph, Master of Education (M Ed). In this amazing presentation you’ll learn the secrets of how to use the natural learning processes within your brain to excel. Your brain has a biological imperative to learn! Pump Your Performance is a unique and effective Process in which you skillfully improve your learning, create more leisure time by learning more efficiently, and max your marks by learning smarter.

This program helps you to develop:
– Your knowledge about how the brain learns, and why it forgets!
– Your motivation and confidence for how you approach a learning assignment
– Skills to seek and utilise feedback
– Ideas for developing an efficient homework plan
– Effective sleep patterns that support learning and well-being
– A challenging and curious mindset about learning strategies
– Self esteem, powerful emotions, and skills as a learner and thinker
– The ability to succeed at school, at university studies and in your chosen career

Pump Your Performance is Neuroscience made real.

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Wake Up to the Impact Of Sleep

30 minute online presentation.

Runtime: 30 minutes
Presenter: John Joseph “the Brain Man”
Produced by: Focus Education

Have you ever wondered why the brain needs so much sleep?

Why is ‘Sleep’ such a hot topic today?
How much sleep should I get each night?
What is a sleep thief?

Wake up to the Impact of Sleep is a short video-based presentation from one of the world’s leading experts in the science of brain-compatible learning, Mr John Joseph, Master of Education (M Ed).

This program helps you to:
* Understand why the brain needs sleep
* Distinguish between good sleep and poor sleep
* Determine how much sleep is enough
* Create a Personal Sleep Plan

We sleep for about one third of our lives. The quality of that one third sleep time will seriously affect the quality of the two thirds of our lives when we are awake. Sleep well and prosper!

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