“When it comes to ability, what you say about yourself matters less than what others say about you.”

Hi John, Many thanks for such a successful event yesterday.   I have received fantastic feedback from the guests and everyone really enjoyed it!
Andrea Dawber Young Presidents Organisation WA Events Co-Ordinator World Presidents Organisation Perth Chapter Administrator

“John, you must be the closest thing to David Attenborough in our field. Well Done! What you have taught us was done in a way that made the technical into knowledgeable. Thank you for the most inspiring, useful session ever!”
Principal attending the Queensland Association State School Principals Annual Conference, Qld, Australia

“As I had witnessed John in action at various professional development conferences, I knew he would be engaging but I underestimated the overwhelmingly positive response from each of the three audience groups (teachers, students and parents). His ability to describe the physiology of the brain and the impact on memory and learning with relevance, humour and action was remarkable. Despite the wide range of ages, from 6 to 60 year olds, he “spoke” to each with appropriate references and pitch so the message penetrated deeply. In John’s interactive, dynamic, entertaining workshops we gained a rich understanding of our brain and metacognition and how it relates to our learning, and indeed how we can be more effective learners.”
Wendy Linderman, Principal, International School of Saigon, Vietnam

“Dear John, thank you for your excellent presentation to the judges. The issue of the impact of alcohol and other drugs upon the brain, and particularly the difficulties experienced by the young in our community are or vital concern to judges both as members of the community and in their capacity as judges. You opened the eyes of everyone in attendance.”
Brian Martin, Chief Justice, Supreme Court of Australia

“Dear John, the feedback I received from participants was so positive with comments stating you were entertaining and educational. He was a ‘brilliant’ presenter and gave us food for thought.”
Suzanne Buchan, Human Resource Manager, Sidney Kidman and Co, Australia

“It was a treat meeting you at the Neuro-leadership Summit.  Would like to stay in touch. Mentioned you in my Psychology Today blog. You were spectacular and I appreciated your passion for making a contribution and difference.  It shines through.”
Dr Mark Goulston, Hostage Negotiator FBI, Los Angeles, USA

“As the local counterpart for AusAID’s educational development in the South Pacific I would like to say how much I enjoyed and appreciated working with Mr John Joseph. Mr Joseph is caring, considerate, compassionate, approachable, firm but kind-hearted. He has both substance and style. He is very sensitive to culture and personal differences and yet he continually upholds the quality and essence of his work. To me, he is ‘one of a kind.’ Mr Joseph was seen and received as just the right person to answer our questions and even those we never really dreamed existed. What a joy to be encouraged after years of defeated effort in a system where most students fail.”
Mele’ana Puloka, Chief Education Officer, Kingdom of Tonga

“John, have enormous respect for your professionalism and talk of your brain-based learning approach wherever I go. Only last week, I came across a cluster of schools using the BBL principles as the core strategy in school pedagogy; a discussion which again prompted me to mention your work. Your valuable message about how teachers can optimise their teaching effectiveness has been inspirational for thousands of teachers.
Hon. Rod Welford, Minister for Education & Training, Government of Queensland, Australia

Adults at John’s workshops are as fascinated to learn from his reflections on his cancer journey as they are about his core business of educating today’s youth. He engages with his audience on a great variety of topics and people leave his presentations feeling uplifted, challenged, inspired and wanting to hear more from him. After workshops there is always a long line-up of participants wanting to speak with John in person – having a strong desire to meet this extraordinary man in person. I have learnt more from John about educating young people and about navigating life’s hurdles than from any other individual. I feel privileged to know John and to have been able to introduce him to my husband and our two little girls. We all treasure the time we spend with John and his lovely wife, Cathy. He is one of God’s special people.
Rebecca Forrest, Counsellor, Seymour College, South Australia

“John, you are exceptional in every way. It has been an absolute privilege to have you here at Wesley. The buzz in the Great Space, the total engagement of the children, the delight and sheer joy of learning was evident throughout each day. You are amazing. You engaged everyone, children, teachers and parents in the most extraordinary way. Australia is indeed blessed to have an educator of your calibre.”
Kim Anderson, Head Prep. Wesley College, 2 day workshop for staff, students and parents, Australia

“Dear John, all ages can reap the benefits from this innovative brain training. We really think that this kind of program should be held in schools itself so that every teacher knows about it. It compelled us to have a fresh look and critical review at the ongoing practices in our schools in the name of discipline and academic results. This talk came as an eye opening for all. With high regards,”
Tsering Dhondup, Academic Section (Modern) Department of Education, Central Tibetan Administration, Dharamsala, India

“Hi John, we want to thank you for your guidance through dynamic and thought-provoking workshops. While you have been busy visiting some of our other campuses, our teachers here have been sharing their experiences. The level of ‘table talk’ focused on our ongoing curriculum development has changed significantly in how we are thinking about the context of our student’s learning habits and how we can design our learning programs to effectively engage students and their families in very powerful ways. Thanks for enriching our professional growth program. We look forward your return. Next time we want you directly involved with our students so they too can engage with what lies behind their learning endeavor and experiences.”
Dr. Richard Swann, Principal, Yew Chung International School of Shanghai, Gubei Campus, China

“John, I met you briefly at your book signing and I just wanted to write and tell you how powerful and literally life-changing the conference has been for me. I have never been exposed to the ‘brain-based’ content and I am now so very captivated by it all!! It harnesses so many things I believe about education and has such depth and research validation. Thank you for all your hard work. I know those who attended were all intensely blessed by all that occurred. Thank you so very much.
Lanelle Cobbin, 3-day Learning with the Brain in Mind Conference, NZ

“Dear John, Your workshops squarely addressed the traumas of our past. I could not wait to give a 2-hour précis of your session while your ideas were still fresh in my mind. I was really overwhelmed by your choice of topic. We are faced with a highly complex situation which you have now tested. Please never forsake us, We need you.”
Tille, Eastern Cape Province Educator, University of Fort Hare, South Africa

“I just wanted to let you know that you completely exceeded our expectations with your presentation on Friday. I imagine you are fairly used to this sort of feedback but take into account comments such as “I just want to sit down and hear it all again – right now” which was said to me by a teacher reluctantly exiting the theatre. 100% of staff want you to return to work with staff and students and parents. Many commented it was the best pupil free day they had ever experienced. Many thanks for all that you do. Much appreciated.”
Joy Ganter Principal, Glenmore High, Rockhampton, 200 delegates, Australia

“Mr. Joseph’s workshop was exceptionally well presented, being both informative and entertaining. He literally captivated his audience with his clear verbal skills and excellent PowerPoint presentation. This has been one of the most professional and engaging presentations that I have attended and I would recommend Mr. Joseph without hesitation.”
Denise Skinner, Consultant Clinical Psychologist, Community Bridging Services, South Australia

“Dear John, I commend you on a very entertaining and informative presentation. You have the ability to engage your audience and make learning fun. The visual images were excellent and useful to understand the concepts of brain function being discussed. The topic was relevant to our purpose and I am sure the whole audience (90+) took away something very positive with them. I have attended your seminars before and you never fail to deliver”
Azi Mian Bradbury, Coordinator, Spina Bifida and Hydrocephalus Association of South Australia

“Dear John, On behalf of the Centre for Excellence in Teaching I want to thank you for your significant contribution to the journal “CLASS.” Without the time you have given and your considerable expertise “CLASS” would not have had the impact that we understand it has had on the education community.”
Steve Stanley, Director Centre for Excellence, Western Australia

“John, I was in your afternoon session yesterday at Caulfield Racecourse. This was one of the most impressive presentations I have seen in my career both at Swinburne and my involvement in producing major events. Your content and delivery was excellent. Can you please let me know when you are presenting in Melbourne in the future as I am keen on having all my staff involved with this.”
Damian Barber, Event Management Coordinator, Department of Tourism, Hospitality and Event Management, Swinburne University TAFE Division

“When John Joseph began his introduction; I was captivated.  Everything about him caught my attention, his body language, his voice, and most of all his words and supporting digital imagery on the big screen in front of me. He understood what was happening in my very own home.  He knew what I was enduring with my own two daughters.  I listened intently to his every word. As I left the auditorium almost an hour later, I vowed to alter my own evening routine to fit in with my children.  To alter their addictive nightly routine to fit in with their futures.  No more would they see their Mum going to bed before them.  Instead we would all change our bed-time routines to fit in with our new freedom, freedom from being trapped by the lure and obsessive use of the Internet.  I have to persuade my children that this is the right path; but somehow I think John Joseph may have already done that for me.”
Melanie Tennant Admissions Officer International School, Chiang Mai, Thailand

“Dear John, Thank you so much for the energy you put into all the events at our school.  The school is really buzzing with excitement!  The feedback keeps coming in.  The way you are able to establish a connection with the various stakeholder groups is phenomenal. Very few people deal with this range of target audience. You have a skill for packaging messages so people laugh, almost cry, but deeply reflect. Fabulous stuff.”
Kate Dalton, PYP Coordinator, Vienna International School, Austria

“Dear John, your sole presentation to parents and professionals exceeded all expectations. Your ability to engage the group, hold their interest, stimulate and challenge with such a well-researched and classy presentation about a topic that could have been ’dry’ was refreshing. You provided sound material, good strategies and hope… that left people wanting to hear more.”
Julie Francis, Manager, Department of Human Resources, Parenting SA

“Dear John, staff found your presentation to be ‘engaging’ in the extreme. Not only was the content of great interest but your delivery was entertaining, refreshing and appropriate for our office – you picked your style perfectly. timeliness and your ability to read your audience served you well. Well done! Looking forward to our next event!”
Kerri Cristanti, Human Resource Manager, Superannuation Management Corp. of South Australia

Dear John, on behalf of YPO Sydney I just wanted to say thank you again for a wonderful evening and what a pleasure it was to meet you. Lisa, Nicky and I benefited enormously from the time spent with you and I have no doubt that what we all learned from your presentation will impact our lives for many years. The feedback that we received from all those that attended was wonderful and it rated 9.6 out of 10 which is not an easy rating to achieve at a YPO event! I wish you every success in the future and hope that you will continue to impart your knowledge and experience to as many people as possible.
Matt Carly, Carly Property Group, Sydney NSW YPO

“Dear John, thank you for coming half way around the world to be with us in Istanbul. You were sensational! Your workshops were overflowing. People were spellbound by what you had to say about the brain and how the way it works affects teaching and learning. Your presentations and content were just so effective. We learnt a lot from you.”

David Chojnacki, Executive Director, NESA, 5-day residential conference for 1,200 delegates, Istanbul, Turkey

“Dear Mr Joseph, In November of last year you held over 800 teachers enthralled by your keynote speech at KORCOS in Seoul. In fact, the teachers have been clamouring to have you back (isn’t it great to be wanted!). That being so I formally invite you for a return visit to Seoul to open our 2008 KORCOS Conference. A continuance of this year’s topic would be gratefully appreciated.”
Timothy Gray Head, British School, Seoul Foreign School, South Korea

“Dear John, I’d like to thank you for the excellent conference I attended at Canterbury High School in England. In fact because your research is so thorough, I actually would have liked longer to discuss this, even including ‘some hands-on work’, even though I was a little bit squeamish at the thought, I really believe that the young people given the opportunity to do this, benefited greatly from it. You certainly proved to be an excellent speaker/ performer/facilitator and really kept your audience captivated. Your delivery was just right, mixing a range of different styles. I truly feel very privileged to have attended this presentation.”
Paul Grant, Associate Head of School – Foundation Studies, North West Kent College, United Kingdom