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About the Program:
Would you prefer to plan or leave your working life to chance? Would you prefer a job that you really want to do, or accept a job that makes your family and friends feel comfortable? There’s help to pave your way into jobs that will provide you with satisfaction, enable you to express your authentic attributes, and earn a decent income stream. But today, unlike in previous generations work is highly targeted into areas of supply and demand. And things constantly change. Upskilling for the sake of upskilling or training in the hope of gaining a ‘better job’ is old thinking.
Inaccurate, preconceived notions about a general degree in law, arts or engineering leading to a satisfying career have created flocks of unemployed or underemployed graduates, leading to high student debt, worker exploitation and job disappointment.
It’s time to boost your career prospects The importance of developing actionable Learning and Employment Plans, that are right for you, is greater today than at any other time in human history. There’s no such thing as luck in getting your dream job — only opportunities spotted and acted upon. Knowing what to do, at the right time, is the key to employment success. It’s about strategy, openness, mindfulness, long-term vision.
The landscape of employment is changing rapidly. There is a shortage or workers in some roles and a massive over-supply in others. Planning you future creates a roadmap for you to follow.
My Talents helps you discover your unique talents, passions and job options in a way that inspires – not terrifies – you. Your long range goals, driven by an organised plan, will keep you from being frustrated by short range failures. Once you have purchased your access code, head over to: <a href=”” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener”></a>