Music with the Brain in Mind




Music with the Brain in Mind – By Eric Jensen

ISBN: 13 9781890460068

Published by Sage Publications

  • Learn how to boost student achievement, motivation and recall through one of the greatest human achievements – MUSIC!!. Although compelling evidence supports the value of the musical arts in school, many of us still fight for its inclusion. This timely, superbly written resource translates
  • brain and music research and provides practical strategies for incorporating the musical arts at all levels.
  • With sections on both theory and classroom applications, you’ll find it easy to put the science into practice immediately and convince others of its benefits. From a primer on how the body hears music to music’s impact on stress level, perceptual-motor skills, memory, and emotional intelligence, you’re in for a supersonic feast of facts and findings.
  • Included are tips for choosing music and the various benefits of different music types. There is no other book on the market like this one. Applies to All Levels

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