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An interactive brain app for iOS

Know My Brain was developed by Focus Education Australia to provide you with valuable research information about brain parts and systems, how neurons work, brain terminology, and tracking your lifeline on an updated-per-second basis!

Scientific knowledge about the brain is increasing exponentially! Jobs in the neuroscience industry are highly valued and envisioned as one of the most dynamics sciences to ever exist.
Focus Education, the Publisher, is a world-renowned company with an enduring commitment to brain education. Everyone wants to boost their brain's performance and there are many apps that target improved cognitive function. But, what exactly does this improvement mean? What happens inside the brain when we are learning? What parts of the brain are most vulnerable to decline and injury?

Know My Brain will help advance your understanding of how brains work. You'll get links to a brain dissection (sheep brain), brain-games, thinking programs, study guides and sleep guides.

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A pressure test for the iPad

How well do you do under pressure? Do you have what it takes to find 10, 20 or 30 numbers? Challenge yourself to find as many numbers as you can within 90 seconds.

The Great Grid Game is a simple number finding game. A grid of 100 numbers will be generated as will a random "Target Number". Try to find the "Target Number" somewhere in the grid. Tap on the number once you've found it and you'll then have to find the next number in sequence, ie 98, 99, 00, 01...

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Brain Image

Focus Education provides a global Professional Learning Service for educators, corporations, parents and students. The mission of the organisation is to provide the most current information about learning with the brain in mind as possible, at the most competitive rate achievable.

Research into how the human brain learns presents an unprecedented opportunity to reflect on the vast array of practices that make up teaching and learning, and to determine what actually benefits students in classrooms, as well as what needs to change in order to improve learning and make the schooling experience more enjoyable and satisfying for all. We have learnt that the human brain is highly 'plastic'. Life-long learning is our biological imperative.

We have learnt that the brain needs certain biological conditions met in order to work at optimal levels - nutrition, sleep, exercise, emotional engagement and safety from threat are key elements of conditions for learning. The classroom of the future must reflect both the biological and social nature of diversity and create programs based on learning rather than teaching.

Brain-compatible education is a term to describe the highly interdisciplinary blend of theories that relate to all levels of organisation of the human brain. Strategies claiming to be brain-compatible must satisfy the criteria of contributing to the likelihood of engagement in learning from students, regardless of the weighted elements that mitigate against learning. Focus Education offers:

  • Opening Keynote addresses for school leaders, administrators and teachers
  • Stimulating conferences for trainers and teachers
  • Conference keynotes, workshops and seminars for corporations
  • Student workshops - How To Become A Superstar Learner
  • Parenting seminars - Parenting With the Brain In Mind
  • Conferences for educators across all of the education sectors
  • Education system initiatives for recruitment, training and deployment of teachers
  • Corporation initiatives for recruitment, training and deployment of staff
  • On-line Professional Development Programs tailored for educators and corporations
  • Train-the-trainer programs for educators and corporations
  • Development and sale of educational resources, including books, posters, DVD's, models, kits, lessons...
  • Online career profiling systems
  • Endorsed Provider by the Institute of Teachers NSW to provide Institute Registered professional development
  • 10 fully accredited trainers with their own specializations
  • Networking with other high quality brain-compatible learning sites